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Welcome to BusyBees of Palisade, your trusted women-owned, family-run daycare and learning center in Jersey City, proudly serving our community for over two decades. What began as an intimate home-based child care experience has blossomed into a thriving center-based daycare. Throughout our journey, we’ve remained steadfast in providing nurturing care and a well-rounded approach to learning.


At BusyBee, we prioritize your child’s safety and well-being. Our safety measures are consistently reviewed and improved for your peace of mind. Our facility is secure, with locked entrances to prevent unauthorized access. All visitors are warmly greeted, required to sign in, and state their purpose. Our vigilant school director is always nearby to welcome parents. We take safety seriously, with mandatory photo identification for all visitors and even newer parents we may not know yet. Safety is our top priority. Additionally, all equipment is regularly inspected for safety, and we emphasize frequent hand-washing to prevent the spread of germs. 

We want each child and parent to feel safe, secure, and like they are a part of our extended family!

About Us

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At Busy Bee, our passion is empowering children with the tools for success. We cultivate a growth mindset from an early age, encouraging them to explore their strengths and talents. We believe in limitless possibilities and provide a secure, stimulating, and fun environment for their learning.

Committed to exceptional education and quality child care, we see our center as an extension of every child’s family. Working closely with parents, we celebrate each child’s uniqueness by recognizing and building upon their strengths.

In every classroom, you’ll find trained teachers brimming with enthusiasm, dedicated to maximizing the growth and development of our children. Rest assured, your child is in great hands at Busy Bee.

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Sarah & Sadie

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“Busy Bee is all about nurturing young minds and helping them soar to new heights. We are “


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